Steps to install office

If you want to activate your Office go to website

  • Buy it from official website - First of all, you should always buy your office software from its official website. Or you can visit to page
  • Click on the installation button - You can click on the installation button the website which will start downloading the software for the office.
  • Double click the office setup - After completing the download properly without any interruption you will get a setup for the installation of the office in your device. You need to double click on this setup in order to start the installation process.
  • Click on the yes prompt message - You will receive prompt notification of the installation and you need to choose the yes option.
  • Follow the installation setup process - An installation process will start and you have to follow the proper processes involved.
  • Agree with the terms and conditions - You need to agree with various types of policy and condition of the software.
  • Select the drive you want it to install - After that, you have to choose the disk in which you have to install the office. If you do not have space in your primary disk then you need to select another drive. It is always advised to install office in primary drive.
  • Choose the options you want to install - There are various types of office features available you can choose which ones to install and the ones that you do not want.
  • Complete the process - After that, it will take some time to install in your device.
  • Then launch the office in your device - You can launch an office in your device after the setup installation.
By following these simple steps properly you can easily install office in your device. If you face any type of problems with the setup of the office then you can contact the customer care. There are various types of the version available online and you can select the one most suitable for you.