Newly Released Microsoft Office 2019

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Word: Black theme introduced to the Word application. This application now is embedded with learning tools with captions and audio descriptions. Not only this, a text to speech feature is also added to the Word application.

OneNote: As Per Microsoft, relevance of OneNote has been enhanced with Windows 10. Synchronization has been improved without conceding working experience of user.

Outlook: Focused inbox feature and improved contact card has been presented in Office 2019.

PowerPoint: Users will now be able to manage 3D image within the program. Capability to zoom-in within the program was also released with this suit.

Excel: Timelines, 2D maps and Funnel Charts being introduced with this release. With the help of Excel, user will now be able to publish the entire sheet to Power BI, a business analytics service provided by Microsoft.

At present, Microsoft Office 2019 is available for commercial customers, a consumer version shall follow soon. There is nothing to worry if you are using the business version of Office 365, your applications will update with a new release.

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