Most Common Mistakes During Office 365 Deployment & Ways to Avoid Them

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Your employees are the assets of your company and they are the ones who will be working with the new Office 365 tools. If you neglect their training and skip their knowledge sessions, they might find it much difficult to work with Office 365 and hence, you won’t be able to get the desired results out of their efforts. So, before you plan to deploy or migrate Microsoft Office 365, gather your valuable employees and share the details about Office 365 new features and how they would be useful in improving their work efficiency and productivity and how they can switch to a new work style. Also, allow them to think broadly for how they can make the most of these new tools and features of Office 365.

The results would be highly admirable!

Mistake #2 – Not Deciding a Unified Goal

Set an ultimate and only goal for deploying Microsoft Office 365, so that you can avoid letting your employees think and work on different pages.

Let’s assume your management is working on a different page and admin department is on a different page. This diversity may cause big problems during the deployment of Office 365 because then they would be wanting to migrate different features for different purposes and hence, the deployment won’t go right.

To avoid this problem, arrange a meeting with your stakeholders and map out a unified goal along with the proper timeline, team efforts and budget to migrate it.

Mistake #3 – Rushing with Deployment Thing

Have patience and migrate things calmly to avoid losing crucial data!

Mostly, when the Office 365 migration is completed, people encounter this problem to have a data loss or being not able to find the important files.

While you plan to migrate Office 365 and move files from server to Office 365, make sure you organize the files that you want to move, very effectively. Also, think about the impact it would have once you move those files from server to Office 365.

For better instance, you can go with Hybrid Migration that uses the combination of files stored in your system and the new one.

Despite making all efforts in the right direction and implementing things the right way, if you face any issues during the deployment of Office 365, connect with our Microsoft Office Support Team for instant solution.