How to Fix Office InstallationError 1377

How to Fix Microsoft Office Installation Error – 1377?

If you’re trying to install Microsoft Office in your system, there might be many errors that may occur during the installation process. Mostly errors occur while you try to add email account to Microsoft office.

So, here, I came up with a case study for error 1377 that occurred during the installation, then account addition and removal process.

Let’s get started!

Why Does the Error 1377 Occur & How to Fix This?

While I successfully installed the Microsoft Office, I wanted to do the basic testing whether it is working fine or not. So, I created a demo account.

Once the testing was done, I tried to remove this account from the Microsoft Office Local Users and Groups. But unfortunately, the error 1377 occurred.

This error shows that the member could not be found in the local group. It seemed like my account is there but as an invisible one. Because if I try to create another account with same name, it would not accept it as it is already present in the group.

So how do I overcome this problem?

Well, the error 1377 can occur in any computer, any device if you have got Microsoft Office installed in it. To help everyone who encountered this error, I have come up with case study to resolve their problems and mine as well.

Steps on How to Fix the Office Installation Error 1377

Please follow the below steps and check whether you could get rid of the error 1377 or not –

Step 1 – Firstly, login to admin account

Step 2 – Find the start icon in windows and click.

Step 3 – Now using the search box, type cmd.exe and enter.

Step 4 – Now press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to “run as administrator”.

Step 5 – While you’ll run it, a command window will open. Please type the following commands appropriately and make sure to press Enter after each command you type.

net users

(to see a list of all existing accounts)

net user "xxxx" /delete

(to delete account xxxx)

Note – Instead of xxxx, please type the account name which you are unable to delete due to the occurrence of error 1377.

If you still face this error, your security database might be corrupted. So, if it persists continually, please check once again which group the account is belonged to, then try to delete that group. If you can’t do this, please reach Microsoft Office Support (Toll Free 1844-600-1928) instantly.